Panorama180 Render

Developer : ft-lab (Yutaka Yoshisaka).
03/04/2019 - 03/04/2022.


"Panorama180 Render" is an Editor extended Asset which renders rendering in Unity Editor in real time to 180 degrees panorama (Equirectangular) considering stereoscopic viewing and outputs it as a still image or a video.
This can be used for both monocular(ver.2.0.1-) and stereo.
This output is suitable for VR180.

Panorama 360 output is now supported (ver. 2.0.0-).
Creating a RenderTexture for Panorama 180/360 is also available at runtime (build and run) (ver. 2.0.0-).

Panorama 180/360 still image output(RenderTexture) function has been confirmed to work with VR (Oculus Quest2 + Oculus Link, Oculus Quest2 Native).


"Panorama 180 Render" can be purchased from the Unity Asset Store.

Panorama180 Render


Video description

Output still image.

Output video.

Output depth image.


Progress information about "Panorama180Render" will be written here.


The 180 degree panorama outputted by "Panorama180 Render" is made visible on WebXR.

Projects using output 180-degree panoramic images/videos

View Panoramic Images/Videos in VR

It is a project that sees still images/videos of 180 degree panorama-3D outputted by "Panorama180 Render" as VR on Unity.
This can also convert Fish Eye to Equirectangular in real time and display it.

It is a project of the above WebXR (three.js) version.

Make it possible to move a little in VR space of 180 degree panoramic image

It is a Unity project that allows you to move a little linearly in VR space using multiple 180 degree panorama-3D still images (image/depth) output by "Panorama180 Render".
An algorithm is also released.


Lists information that may be useful for expressing VR180 in Unity.